“ Schelpenvisser” door J.H. Wijsmuller.


Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller

Portrait of Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller by H. M. Krabbé in 1894.

Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller (13 February 1855 in Amsterdam – 23 May 1925 in Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter. He belongs to The 2. Golden Age of Dutch Painting.[1]

He is an impressionist of the School of Allebé, better known as Amsterdam Impressionism, part of the international movement of the Impressionism.[2][3] From the art historical point of view he is one of the 2nd generation of the Hague School. He used the bright color palette of the French Impressionists, too – but from the perspective of a Dutchman.


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